Christmas 2004

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Gordon Family Celebrations Pawezowski Family Gathering With Friends

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Gordon Family Celebrations (25 December 2004)

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Gran & Amelia Pat & Pete  Keith & Jean


John & Val Andy & Lisa Jo, Nicki & Ameila
Jo & Neil Phil, Nicki & Amelia Alex & Gareth
Max Freia Amelia
In Make Up - Keith/Shrek Transformed - Keith is Shrek In Make Up - Mike/Donkey
Transformed - Mike is Donkey!? Betty, Nicki, Sue, Mike, Keith & Jo re-enact Shrek 2 John & Neil re-enact Troy


Pawezowski Family Gathering (27 December 2004)

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Kate Cindi Richard & Des
Michael & Zo Alex & Amy  


With Friends (28 December 2004)

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Bill & Matthew play with Mike's Christmas Present Matthew at Manchester Airport Matthew, Gill & Bill at Manchester Airport
Matthew at the Barinda Harry & Simon Matthew
Matthew & Gill Bill  

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