Mike & Zo's Wedding ~ Saturday 1st May 2004

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We didn't get a chance to take any pictures ourselves so the photographs on this page are a selection of the ones we received - thank you for letting us have copies of them!

We received lots of messages and good wishes for the event, for which we're very grateful.  We appreciate having such good family & friends and would like to thank everyone for their support & for making it a day to remember.

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The Venue

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Crewe Hall from the Gates The Main House The Quadrangle


The Ceremony

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Cienwen, the Harpist

Still Waiting...

10 minutes late (although earlier than usual!)


The Day

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The Happy Couple Harry, Mike & Simon Amy, Alex, Gareth & Gill
The Guests The Gordon Family (& a couple of special guests) The Pawezowski Family
    Confetti Storm Dinner in the Long Gallery
Cutting the Cake Someone suggested that Mike has less hair, and Zo less cleavage in real life!


The Evening

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The first dance A photo of a photo... "It was Tim in the Library with the candlestick..."



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John drawing Matthew John drawing Alex Michelle with her caricature  


Additional Photos

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Links to more photos are displayed below.  If you have any pictures you've not yet shared we'd love to see them.
Bill & Gill's Photos

Andy & Suzanne's Photos
Please note:  1 table camera is missing (along with our Aunt's handbag).  If you know their whereabouts please let us know...

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